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Office reception flowers

Architectural flower arrangement of white anthurium and curcuma on an office reception, created by Garland, London florist

Structural Arrangement for Office Reception

Contract Flowers for office boardroom using bright blue orchids, created by London florist Garland

Blue Monday

According to the newspaper, yesterday was the glummest day of the year and has been dubbed by many as Blue Monday. So what better way to cheer up…

Orange Tulips and twigs for an office reception

Bringing a bit of bling to the office

Cymbidium, allium and curcuma line arrangement for the office, created by Garland

Office Flowers with a Japanese Twist

Purple and Silver office reception arrangement

Structural Arrangement for Office Reception

orchids, and allium contract flowers

Styled Flowers for Office Reception

Crocosmia and poppy heads arrangement for the office reception

Flower Explosion Office Reception Arrangement

Contract Flowers for the office, with orchids and bear grass created by north London florist Garland

Floating Cymbidiums Contract Flowers

Gorgeous sunflowers with cream stocks, arranged by Garland, north London florist

Bringing the sunshine indoors

Green and White flowers for office and reception, created by Garland, north London florist

Green and White Contract Flowers

Any flowers in your office reception need to give a wonderful first impression of who you are as a business. Choose something bold and full of contrasts like…

Gladiator Allium and Snapdragons create a stunning office floral display

Gladiator Alliums for an Office Boardroom

Black vase, purple orchids, contract flowers created by north London florist Garland

Contract Flowers: Pretty in Purple

Bold design can set your office reception apart from the crowd. At Garland we like to use a huge variety of flowers and colour to make you stand…

Orchids and palm leaves for office reception, created by Garland north London florist

Flowers for the Office

This week we have been decorating London with some gorgeous blooms….

Concrete planter with roses and spring branches

Spring branches brighten up the office

Office reception flowers, created by north London florist Garland

Something different for the office